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Rocky Mountain Meditation

One of the things that I always look forward to during my travels to different parts of the country are some of the

Cranes At Twilight

I arrived to a specific spot at Ft Phantom lake located just north of Abilene early in the morning while it was still

Rocky Mountain Gold

It was a cold and blustery morning in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a gray and overcast day as a mixture of

Geese Over Haskell County

Each fall thousands of geese migrate to Texas.  One of the better locations to find them are in the Haskell and Knox

The Elusive Northern Harrier

I had been trying unsuccessfully for a couple of years to capture an image of a northern harrier.  They migrate to

Missing The Bald Eagles of Llano

I usually tried to venture down to Llano, Texas at least a couple of times a year ti photograph a pair of wintering

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Last year I traveled with friend and fellow photographer John English out west to photograph parts of the southwest.

Grace And Beauty

One of my favorite birds to photograph are the sandhill cranes.   I’m fortunate in that they migrate through the

Fading Light Along the Gros Ventre

This photograph of a young moose is from my trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming last year.  I found this youngster hanging