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Speaking Engagement At The Concho Valley Photo Club

I’ve been busy going through images as I have been invited to speak next month at the Concho Valley Photo Club

Sad News From Waco

I received some bad news over the weekend from a couple of fellow photographers concerning the pair of nesting bald

Early Morning Aspens

I made the photo above while exploring amongst a little grove of aspen trees during the early morning hours at Rocky

White Pocket Moonlight Serenade

While nightfall ascended upon White Pocket, I was still amongst the midst of it’s wild and contorted formations

Chasing The Light

It was my first time to travel to the infamous White Pocket located in northern Arizona. Earlier during the day the

It’s Almost Time

This is another image from a recent trip to photograph the pair of nesting bald eagles near Waco, Texas.  The female


I don’t believe there is anything more majestic than seeing bald eagles in the wild. I don’t know if it is

Time Of Reflection

I recently made a short trip down to Lake Waco in search of a nesting pair of bald eagles.  With the loss of the

On Another Planet

I made the photo above from a trip about this time last year to an area in northern Arizona called White Pocket. I