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Geese Blastoff

Bosque del Apache, New Mexico is a magical place. It is a bird sanctuary for migratory birds. My last visit was back

One Of My Favorite Subjects

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is waterfowl. Their not easy to photograph as with most birds they are

Mexican Ground Squirrels

The two critters in the photo above are Mexican ground squirrels. They are a small-bodied animal with brown fur and

Little Trail Boss

It was the first light of the day as the early morning sun began to illuminate the wide open spaces of the o6 Ranch.

Time To Saddle-Up

Recently I’ve been going back and re-visiting some of my older images, in particular many of my images of life

Early Morning At The o6

I have had the pleasure of photographing the o6 Ranch on a couple of occasions and always look forward to the the

A Mother’s Love

No matter the species a mother is never shy about showing their love and care for their young ones. It’s one of

Time To Find Some Shade

Elk, as a general rule, will venture out to the meadows area before sunrise and feed on the grasses, shrubs and

Hanging On

This is another photograph from the Benjamin Ranch Rodeo. It had been a while since I had done any action type