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Office With A View

After recently making my third visit to the o6 Ranch in the Davis Mountains of Texas I would say that those that work the ranch definitely have an office with a view. Nikon D4, 70-200mm 2.8 lens at 70mm, ISO 500, f/11 at 1/500 sec

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The Old Fashioned Way

Springtime at the o6 Ranch means that it’s time to roundup the young calves for branding. The springtime roundup is pretty much done the same way today as it was many years ago. The first challenge is rounding up the calves that are spread across the open ranges of the o6 and making sure the […]

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Roping And Heeling The Calves

This is another image from my recent visit to the o6 Ranch. This was my third visit to this beautiful ranch located between Alpine and Ft Davis, Texas. With it being springtime, it was time to round-up the young calves. Once the cattle (mom and calf) had been rounded up from the free range, paired […]

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Time To Select A Mount

It’s springtime at the o6 Ranch and that means it’s time to round up the young calves. As the sun breaks above the horizon, the dust in the corral began to to stir as each cowboy and cowgirl call out their chosen mounts by name be roped by the wrangler. Once they have their chosen […]

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Back To The Ranch

This past weekend I ventured back to the o6 Ranch, located in the beautiful Davis Mountains. I always look forward to the opportunity to visit the o6 Ranch. Stay tuned as I shot quite a few images as springtime means that it’s time to round up the young calves. I also recently downloaded the Beta […]

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A Different Look

Purchase a print of this photo If you haven’t had a chance to visit my website this week you will immediately notice a different look.  Not only did I post a black and white photo but my website has a whole new look. Although wildlife photography will always be my first love I decided to […]

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Tools Of The Trade

Purchase a print of this photo No matter what profession, they all seem to have their tools of the trade. And of all the tools there is always a favorite. For the cowboy it is the lariat; from the Spanish “la riata,” meaning “the rope,” sometimes called a lasso, or simply, a “rope”. This is […]

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Remuda Roundup

This is a part of the o6 Ranch Remuda that were rounded up and brought into the coral in order to be ready for the next day’s work. The word Remuda is the name given to a herd of horses from which ranch hands select their mounts. The word is of Spanish derivation, for “change […]

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