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You Can See For Miles & Miles

We may not have big beautiful trees in this part of the country but that is only so we can see for miles and miles to behold some of the most beautiful sunsets that one will ever witness. The challenge is always finding something to include in the foreground of the image. On this day […]

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Interesting Facts About The Saguaro

Sunrise at the Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona as the sun begins to paint it’s hue of orange and magenta colors of the early morning across the desert sky with the moon still glowing above. Here are some interesting facts about the saguaro cactus courtesy of the Desert Botanical Garden. Under normal desert growing […]

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The Fire Wave

This is an image of the infamous Fire Wave, located in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. Valley of Fire was Nevada’s first state park and is located 55 mile northeast of Las Vegas near the town of Overton. All in all it is a little less than a 1.5 mile roundtrip hike […]

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Majestic Zion

This image above is another from my recent trip to Zion National Park. This was my first visit to Zion. The weather was great and the park was not crowded as that is one of the benefits of visiting many of our national parks during the “off season” months. With lots of family friendly hiking […]

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Waiting For Sunset

This is another image from Zion National Park looking towards “The Watchman” as seen from the bridge near the Canyon Junction shuttle stop. We were keeping our fingers crossed that the setting sun would dip below the cloud cover and light up the sky with it’s magical colors. We couldn’t tell the extent of the […]

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Sunrise In Tucson

It was a bittersweet morning that as we were enjoying a beautiful sunrise in the desert of Tucson, Arizona it was almost time to begin the long drive back home as our travels through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona was coming to an end. I definitely would like to return to the Tucson area one of […]

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Recognizing One’s Own Limits

This image above is of course the iconic Horseshoe Bend located just south of Page, Arizona. It overlooks one of the most spectacular views on the Colorado River where it makes a wide sweep around a sandstone escarpment thus in the shape of a horseshoe. Of course when getting the opportunity to photograph this iconic […]

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Contorted Sandstone Formations

This is another image from White Pocket in northern Arizona as the setting sun illuminates the tops of the red, pink, white, and yellow contorted sandstone feature in contrast against the shadows created from other surrounding contorted features. The various shades of the sandstone colors is due the oxidation of the various mineral content of […]

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